Wet Cave & Dry Cave, Kauai - Curiosity Trek - Hawaii

Wet Cave & Dry Cave, Kauai

The northern part of Kauai and the Nāpali Coast are known for wet and dry caves. They are formed by wave erosion on the lava flows long, long ago, some 3,000 and 4,000 year ago, when the island was some six feet lower in the sea. Wet caves have springs filling an underground pond. Continue reading


Kauai (or Kauaʻi) is the oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands. It is the fourth largest.

When the rest of the islands were conquered by King Kamehameha, Kauaʻi and Niʻihau remained independent. The King of Kauai, Kaumualiʻi decided to join the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi as a vassal King, to save his people from war. When he died in 1824, the island came under direct rule of the Hawaiian kings. Continue reading

Staying in Kauai

We stayed at Makai Club Resort in Kauai.

North Shore General Store - Staying in Kauai - Curiosity Trek - Hawaii

North Shore General Store

We brought some coffee, half and half and some other things in from the North Shore General Store. They have about everything you need.

Toe Shoes - Staying in Kauai - Curiosity Trek - Hawaii

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes: The Barefoot Alternative

This is the first place we saw these shoes. They are Vibram Five Fingers Shoes. People call them VFFs. We saw them in a lot of stores in Hawaii, but I never saw them on any feet.

Staying in Kauai - Curiosity Trek - Hawaii

This is where I worked in the morning.

Staying in Kauai - Curiosity Trek - Hawaii

Look up!

Staying in Kauai - Curiosity Trek - Hawaii

A whale wood sculpture is suspended from the ceiling

There was a club house we could use. I went there every morning to work on-line, while Cliff slept in.