Wet Cave & Dry Cave, Kauai - Curiosity Trek - Hawaii

Wet Cave & Dry Cave, Kauai

The northern part of Kauai and the Nāpali Coast are known for wet and dry caves. They are formed by wave erosion on the lava flows long, long ago, some 3,000 and 4,000 year ago, when the island was some six feet lower in the sea. Wet caves have springs filling an underground pond. Continue reading

View of the Kīlauea Volcano summit caldera from the Jaggar Museum - Curiosity Trek - Hawaii

Jaggar Museum & Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

The Jaggar Museum is only two and a half miles past Kīlauea Visitor Center, but the landscape changes dramatically. We had driven through beautiful, paradise rain forest, then suddenly you are in the Kaū Desert Wilderness.

The Jaggar Museum is right next to the Volcano Observatory. The museum is open to the public, the observatory isn’t. Continue reading

Last days on Kauai, first day on Hawaii (the Big Island)

Last days on Kauai, first day on Hawaii (the Big Island)

Friday, after I did a little bit of work, we decided to just relax and hang around the resort all day. We just laid by the pool, relaxed in the Jacuzzi. We missed almost the whole Monk marathon on USA. We went back to Paradise Grill, the closest restaurant to the resort and so far my favorite place we have eaten. Had fresh grilled Ahi with this cold slaw they make that has a mild ginger background flavor. The seasoned fries are great, too. Continue reading