Yes that is a Mongoose - Curiosity Trek - Hawaii

Yes that is a Mongoose

We were on a beach on Oahu, Hawaii and in the distance there really big squirrels were darting back and forth. We got closer and saw that they were mongooses. Really! Like Rikki-Tikki-Tavi!

The Hawaiian word for mongoose is Iole manakuke or manakuke. Lole means rat, manakuke means mongoose. Rat mongoose. Continue reading

Wet Cave & Dry Cave, Kauai - Curiosity Trek - Hawaii

Wet Cave & Dry Cave, Kauai

The northern part of Kauai and the Nāpali Coast are known for wet and dry caves. They are formed by wave erosion on the lava flows long, long ago, some 3,000 and 4,000 year ago, when the island was some six feet lower in the sea. Wet caves have springs filling an underground pond. Continue reading

Paniolo Greens - Curiosity Trek - Hawaii

Paniolo Greens

On the Big Island, we stayed at Paniolo Greens. It is on Waikoloa Road. This was the most comfortable place we stayed on our honeymoon. The sheets were good. Honestly, as long as it is clean, the air conditioner works and the sheets are good, I am happy. Paniolo Greens ticked all the boxes and then some.

The first day there was a reception with entertainment and Hula lessons. Continue reading

Black Sand Beach at Pololu Valley - Curiosity Trek - Hawaii

Pololu Valley

We drove down highway 270, the Akoni Pule Highway to the very end where there is a parking area for Pololu Valley. It is a very narrow canyon that is unbelievably lush and tropical. You could look down to an incredible black sand beach. Continue reading